About Us

Tiqvah Organics About Us


Tiqvah Organics is a fast-growing natural food export company established in 2018 by two female entrepreneurs passionate about gender equity, wellness and healthy living. The company’s headquarters are in Uganda, the breadbasket of Africa.

From humble beginnings, Tiqvah has grown from just the supply of organic food to value addition. Tiqvah has a strong commitment towards quality and works with certified organic farmers as part of its quality assurance policy.

Tiqvah ensures 100% traceability from the farm and rigorous inspections of raw materials’ supplies right through to the finished product.

Our Ethos

Our Vision:

To be a leading producer and supplier of genuine organic products for both domestic and international markets.

Our Mission:

By providing superior innovation, creativity, quality and value in each and every of our product through compliance with the relevant authorities.

Our Core Values:

  • Compliance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Integrity